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About Us

Catalyst Chiropractic was organized in 2018, and is owned and operated by Dr. Matt Mundorf and his wife, Demi. Meet the dream team below!

Hey Charlotte,

My name is Dr. Matt Mundorf. My wife (boss) Demi, and I, own and operate Catalyst Chiropractic. I was born and raised right here in the Queen City. We love this city so much that we decided to start our business here.

We established our practice as a team to serve individuals that desire to be healthy and active. Our attention is focused towards the treatment and prevention of injury in people that can’t afford to be down-and-out. This includes both professional and semi-professional athletes of all kinds. Catalyst aims to serve hobbyist triathletes, yogi’s, crossfitters, cyclists, runners, dancers, as well as the average weekend warrior.

At our office, we take a more conservative approach to health and wellness. We do so by waiting to introduce drugs and surgery until after the nervous and musculoskeletal systems have been checked and treated. Everything in the human body is dependent on a properly functioning nervous system, or your brain and spinal cord. Chiropractic care is designed to check and treat the bones and muscles that house and protect the nervous system. We do this in order to allow the nervous system to function optimally, thus leading to improved overall health.

A little history on me:

I attended Appalachian State University to get my undergraduate degree in Physical Education. During my sophomore year, I suffered a concussion from a snowboarding accident. It resulted in terrible, nearly constant headaches. I consulted multiple specialists and tried what felt like every medication known to man, with minimal relief. A friend of mine suggested trying chiropractic. At my initial consultation, it was explained to me how the alignment of my neck could be contributing to my pain. Following a few adjustments, the severity of my headaches began to lessen. After six adjustments my headaches were finally gone!

Upon graduating, I returned to Charlotte to teach PE at West Charlotte High. Teaching was a wonderful experience, however, I felt unfulfilled. I never forgot what that chiropractor had done for me. Ultimately, I chose to get my doctorate in chiropractic from Life University in order to help others as I was helped.

While practicing in Johnson City, TN, I met my beautiful wife. We were introduced to one another at a local gym and the rest is history. After showing Demi around Charlotte, the decision to move back here was easy. We love Enderly Park and are extremely excited to contribute to the community!