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Our Team

Matthew Mundorf, DC, CFL1

Chiropractic Physician

Hey guys. I am Dr. Matt Mundorf with Catalyst Chiropractic. I can honestly say that I absolutely love getting up and coming to “work” day in and day out. My wife and friends/family have made my dream of owning a chiropractic practice a dream come true.

I specialize in working with athletes, fitness enthusiasts, as well as those who are active just so they can eat whatever they want… no judgement (I pretty much fall in to that category). At our office, we offer chiropractic treatments to improve mobility, remove restrictions and get you moving and feeling awesome. Additionally, I enjoy working on soft-tissues, muscles and tendons that are nearby or attach to the spine to assist in moving and feeling better.

I am determined to show people what chiropractic can truly do to change a life. I pride myself on making sure I am nothing like “your father’s chiropractor”. Chiropractic care isn’t just treating the spine. I also spend a lot of time on hips, ankles and shoulders. I believe in treating people like real people. Listening to what’s going on, and how it is affecting them on a daily basis. I have been to several doctor’s offices where the support staff does all the work, and then the doctor pops their head in for 3-5 minutes and takes all the credit. At Catalyst, that is not the case. We make sure to listen, answer questions and spend plenty of time with each and every individual in order to ensure the best course of action for our patients.

Demi Mundorf, MAcc
Office Manager

Hey everyone! My name is Demi. I am originally from Florida, but most recently moved to Charlotte from Johnson City, Tennessee. Dr. Matt and I met there, and shortly thereafter we decided to pack our things and head to the Queen City to open up Catalyst Chiropractic.

Dr. Matt and I took it upon ourselves to start Catalyst with one another. We balance each other out well. He’s the muscle, but I am actually the brains behind it all. LOL. On a serious note, I make sure all the technical aspects of our business are in order on a daily basis while he takes care of our patients.

We have tried to create an environment that is friendly and welcoming, but one also one that comes without many of the headaches that you may find or experience when going to another doctor’s office. Between the two of us, we try and make sure that we always do right by our patients. We’ve been to offices ourselves that treat you like a number, don’t spend any time answering questions, and overall give the vibe of “get you out of here asap”. We do our best to ensure you never feel like that.

We truly love calling Enderly Park home, and love all that it has to offer. More than that, I love the people we’ve met and the friendships we’ve been able to create here on the West side.

Lauren Bowen, DC
Chiropractic Physician

​Hi all, I am Dr. Lauren Bowen at Catalyst Chiropractic. I am originally from the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio and I graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Exercise Science Education. I went to chiropractic school near St. Louis, Missouri and then moved to Charlotte after graduation to begin practicing.

I love working with athletes, weekend warriors, and everyone in between. I have spent a lot of time learning a variety of skills and techniques which I tailor to each patient’s individual needs. My goal is to get every patient moving and feeling better as quickly as possible. I pride myself on maximizing the amount and quality of care I give to each patient every visit. I make sure to carefully listen to each patient to really figure out the source of their pain and consider their preferences when it comes to designing a treatment plan. Catalyst Chiropractic creates a great environment for all of this to be possible.

When I’m not at the office you can find me trying a new restaurant, hiking, or really doing any activity that gets me outside! I am very excited to call Charlotte my new home and can’t wait to be more involved in the community.