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Movement Analysis

Movement Analysis includes the analysis of proper and faulty movement patterns. It is sport specific as well as for daily life. With this understanding of movement as it relates to health we are able to facilitate a treatment plan.

Not all back pain is caused by your back! Movement analysis is great at diagnosing problem areas that we can focus on improving together. During your first appointment with us, you will receive a thorough movement and posture analysis to get to the root of your problems
The posture analysis, specifically, will provide images that show your individual issues without the use of x-ray. You will be able to see if one shoulder is lower than the other, or maybe your head is extended in front of your shoulders. On your second visit, we will provide a pdf document with a full description and analysis of your photos. Being shown actual proof of your posture deficiencies allows you to see the importance of your care without us asking you to simply “trust us”.