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Rock Taping

Rock Taping increases stability without compromising mobility. Other benefits include pain reduction, improved circulation, facilitation of body awareness and proprioception.

Top off your myofascial release or cupping with some RockTape. Together, the combined effects will leave you feeling and moving better. RockTape can last up to one week with showering and workouts. It is a great investment right before a big event, or simply to manage pain and mobility issues.

Life Hack: Ask one of the docs to tape you for training posture.
We are all guilty of bad posture, but I bet you didn’t know RockTape could help you re-train yourself! Your skin is the largest organ on your body, and is developed from the same tissue as your brain before you are born. It is almost impossible to ignore a piece of tape on your skin, which is why RockTape is so effective at a multitude of tasks! Once you feel the tape stretching, you will be prompted to regain good posture to avoid the stretching feeling. Sometimes all we need is a reminder. You will have better posture in no time – no phone or $200 device needed!