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Why Catalyst?

At Catalyst Chiropractic, we really care about our patients and want to make sure you have an amazing experience with us – we are patients ourselves! Our team is all about giving you top-notch care that won’t break the bank. We’re all ears for your health and financial goals, so feel free to chat with us. Let’s work together to create the perfect plan just for you!

So, what makes Catalyst Chiropractic stand out? Well, we’re not your typical chiropractic office. We’re all about taking a unique approach to care, addressing the source of the problem, and making health work within your lifestyle. We celebrate individuality, health, and progress. Forget the quick “crack and go” routine – we dig deep into your body’s “musculoskeletal system” to address and fix any issues. Yep, we’re not just about your spine – we take care of those muscles too!

When you swing by for your first visit, we’ll do a thorough exam, check out your movements, and analyze your posture. Based on that, we’ll give you our best recommendation for a plan that suits you perfectly. We’ll also spill the beans on how you can speed up your progress at home. And hey, if chiropractic care isn’t the right fit for you due to a specific condition, we’ll be straight up and let you know. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Ways to Save

Budget friendly wellness

Prepaid Packages - One Month


Commit to 4 adjustments in one month and receive a 10% discount on all services

10% discount


Commit to 8 adjustments in one month and receive a 15% discount on all services

15% discount


Commit to 12 adjustments in one month and receive a 20% discount on all services

20% discount

Prepaid Packages - One Year

12 Adjustments

Pack of 12 Adjustments at a 10% discount; expires in one year.

10% discount

24 Adjustments

Pack of 24 Adjustments at a 15% discount; expires in one year.

15% discount

36 Adjustments

Pack of 36 Adjustments at a 20% discount; expires in one year.

20% discount