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Normatec Compression Therapy

This therapy forces deoxygenated blood back to the heart and lungs and sends nutrient and oxygen rich blood to the extremities in order to reduce muscle soreness and accelerate recovery time.

Our Normatec compression therapy services are an invaluable asset to our clients that are pushing themselves on a regular basis. The compression technology helps to improve vascular blood flow by forcing venous blood back to your heart and lungs. Upon relaxation of the compression boots (for the lower body) or sleeves (for your upper body), arteries then dilate, and fresh oxygenated and nutrient rich blood flows to the targeted tissues. This translates as reduced muscle soreness, lowered oxidative stress, as well as increased range of motion and accelerated recovery times.

The Normatec compression therapy is a fast-acting treatment to help alleviate muscle soreness, accelerate recovery and get you back to performing the way you need to. Normatec boots and sleeves can be found in nearly every athletic training room across the country, from high school all the way to the big leagues.

Did you know that Hyperice/Normatec is the only “recovery focused” technology manufacturer to partner with multiple professional organizations including the NFL as well as USA Track & Field? Their technology is also beloved by professional athletes everywhere, all over the world.

Professional Athletes Using Hyperice/Normatec Technology:

Lebron James

Simone Biles

Drew Brees

Steph Curry

Mookie Betts